User agreement

User Agreement between RM CNG and of and www.рмкпг.ру site users

This Agreement is between RM CNG, company having its registered address at Rochdelskaya str. 15 bld 1., Moscow (the Company)  and User of and www.рмкпг.ру web sites (the Site), jointly referred to as the Parties, and sets terms and conditions of using the content and the services of the Site.

1.    Terms and definitions

1.1.    Company is the owner of the Site and the person which sets User rules and policies with respect to the Site at its full discretion.
1.2.    User is an individual who has an account at the Site created in accordance with the procedures established by the Company.
1.3.    Registration is a what a User must do to create an account at the Site, including provision of authentication and personal data as required by paragraph 5, Article  6 of the Personal Data Act  (Federal Law 152 of July 27, 2006).
1.4.    Account is a body of User authentication and personal data saved and kept at the Site server. 
1.5.    Authentication data is a unique User ID used to get access to the Site. Authentication data includes User’s log-in name and password.
1.6.    Site Services are the services provided by the Site for the use by Users.
1.7.    Site content is information contained at the Site, including intellectual property and equivalent means of identification (including but not limited to musical work, literary work, computer programs, databases, audio and visual materials, images, texts, trademarks and service marks, brand names and logos),  hyperlinks, their elements, data and other things posted or displayed at the Site.

2.    General conditions

2.1.    This Agreement is a public offer and is deemed executed once the User has completed registration at the Site.
By registering at the Site the User accepts and joins this Agreement and agrees to comply with the Site Use Rule set by the Company in this Agreement. 
2.2.    The Company may from time to time unilaterally change the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Such changes will take effect 3 (three) days after the updated Agreement was posted at the Site/Service. Users who disagree with such changes shall stop using the content and delete their account.
2.3.    By accepting this Agreement the User also accepts the RM CNG policy toward processing and protecting personal data of and www.рмкпг.ру site users.

3.    Rights and obligations

3.1.     At the time of registration at the Site, the User shall provide full, true and up-to-date information about him/herself, including personal data. The User will select a user name (log-in name) and a password taking due regard of the current standards of morality.
3.2.    The Company may invite the User to select other authentication data if the user name and the password selected by the User are the same as the user name and the password of any existing User. 
3.3.    The Company undertakes to grant access to the Site to the User once the User has successfully completed registration.
3.4.    The Company may at its own discretion and without giving reasons deny or terminate any User’s registration at the Site.
3.5.    The Company may any time at its own discretion delete any user data and user accounts.
3.6.    The Parties agree to keep User’s authentication data confidential.
3.7.    The User is allowed only one account at the Site.
3.8.    The User agrees not to do anything  which may be considered or constitute breach of the Russian or international law, including intellectual property laws, or which may lead to disruption of the normal operation of the Site and Services.
3.9.    When quoting any information posted at the Site, including legally protected copyright materials, the User is required to refer to the Site (sub paragraph 1, paragraph 1, Article 1274 of the Russian Civil Code).
3.10.    The User agrees that the Company may not be held liable for any effects of visiting or using external sites links to which may be posted at the Site.
3.11.    The User agrees that the Company may not be held liable or have any direct or indirect obligations toward the User in conjunction with any actual or potential losses arising out of the content of the Site, registration of intellectual property rights or information about such registration, any goods or services which are accessible at or have been received from external sites or through any contacts the User established using any information or links posted at the Site.
3.12.    The Company may perform maintenance work at the Site at any time and for that purpose suspend the operation of the Site in which case the Company may not be held liable for any disruptions in the operation of the Site and the resulting loss of information.
3.13.    The User recognizes that the content and the Services of the Site and any part thereof may contain advertisements and/or commercials.  Users agree that the Company assumes no obligations in relation with and may not be held liable for any such advertisements or commercials.
3.14.    The User agrees that the Company may send him/her information, news and advertisements, including using the email address provided by the User during registration.

4.    Other

4.1. This Agreement remains in effect all the time while the User is registered at the Site.
4.2. All disputes arising out of or in conjunction with this Agreement shall be resolved according to the Russian law.
4.3. Nothing in this Agreement may be considered or construed as establishing agency, partnership, joint venture or personal employment relations between the User and the Company, or any other relationship not explicitly provided for in this Agreement. 
4.4. Any waiver by the Company of any conditions of this Agreement or any right the Company may have in conjunction with any breach of this Agreement by the User does not constitute waiver by the Company of these or any other conditions or rights in the future.
4.5. The User acknowledges that he/she has read and unconditionally accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement.  

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