Modern natural gas filling solutions for the Russian market

RM Stark compressed natural gas filling station

Single-container solution
Ready for installation
Saving construction and installation costs
Minimal footprint

Modular Compressed Natural Gas Filling Station

Over 3,500 nm3/h capacity
Custom design
High capacity
Scale-up possibility

CNG dispensers

Made in Russia using best international practices and technologies
42Model range consisting of 42 different modifications
80High flow rate of 80 kg/min

Advantages of gas as motor fuel

Cost efficient

Operating costs (POL and maintenance) are 40-50% lower than with diesel/gasoline

Lower operating expenses

Longer engine life and service intervals

Cost saving

Natural gas is almost 3 times cheaper than gasoline or diesel


In case of outdoor leaks methane does not form explosive mixtures with air

Minimal risk

of fire or explosion in the case of a traffic accident thanks to the physical properties of natural gas (which is lighter than air) and the special measures taken to make the motor vehicle and the CNG equipment safe



Reduced emissions. Methane is recognized as the most eco-friendly fuel

Two times lower

nitrogen oxide emissions

Three times lower

hydrocarbons emissions

Nine times lower

smoke emissions

О нас

About us

RM CNG is a Russian producer of CNG filling equipment for CNG-powered motor vehicles. RM CNG is a member of National Gas Vehicles Association.
Advantages of filling solutions offered by RM CNG:

Fully integrated automatic systems

Fast fill capability- less than 8 minutes for a truck or bus

Modern oil-free compressors

Best international CNG practices

Top-quality compressed natural gas (9mg/nm3)

Compliance with all applicable Russian requirements and standards

Our Partners
RM CNG is one of Gazprom GMT’s main suppliers of CNG filling equipment. Besides, we work closely with Rosneft GTK and Gazprom GMT aiming to expand the network of natural gas filling stations and the use of natural gas as a motor fuel.
Our Geography
Our solutions are used in 10 regions throughout Russia (more than 23 CNG filling stations in different cities). Every day thousands of people rely on our products for eco-friendly and cost saving fuel for their motor vehicles.
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