Privacy policy

RM CNG policy toward processing and protecting personal data of and www.рмкпг.ру site users

1.    General

1.1.     This is a duly adopted personal data processing policy of RM CNG, company having its registered address at Rochdelskaya str. 15 bld 1., Moscow (the Operator),  which for the purposes of this Policy acts as administrator/owner of and www.рмкпг.ру web sites (the Site) and processes personal data of personal data owners who have voluntarily and in their own interest provided their personal data during registration at the Site (the Users).
1.2.    By registering at the Site and by using the services provided by the Site, Users express their full acceptance of this Policy and the personal data processing rules it establishes. Users who disagree with the provisions of this Policy shall stop using the Site and its services immediately. 
Consent to have personal data processed may be given electronically pursuant to the provisions of Part 2, Article 434 of the Russian Civil Code and expressed by accepting the offer (user agreement) posted at the Site provided that the personal data owner has identified him/herself  as party to that agreement unless applicable laws of the Russian Federation provide otherwise. 
1.3.    This policy is in compliance with the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (adopted in Strasbourg on January 28, 1981), Personal Data Act (Federal Law 152 of June 27, 2006), Government Decree 1119 of November 01, 2012 (Protecting Personal Data Processed Using Information Systems) and other rules and standards that regulate the protection of personal data.
1.4.    The Operator may change and modify this Policy whenever new rules and standards are adopted that regulate the protection of personal data. Whenever this Policy is changed its updated version will be posted by the Operator at the Site to be freely accessible to all users. 

2.    Amount and content of personal data

2.1.    To register at the Site and to use the Services the User shall personally provide the following information:
Full name
Date of birth
Registered/residence address
Phone number
2.2.    The Operator will not verify the personal data provided by Users nor will it check their legal capacity. The Operator assumes that the personal data provided by Users are true and accurate. Users shall keep that data up-to-date.

3.    Purpose of processing personal data

3.1.    User identification
3.2.    User access to the Services provided by the Site
3.3.    Keeping Users informed about Operator’s products and services
3.4.    Other.

4.    Terms and conditions 

4.1.    Personal data of the Users will be kept confidential unless Users have voluntarily made information about themselves accessible to general public.
Personal data of Users will be processed using automatic systems except when non-automatic processing of personal data is required by law.
4.2.    The Operator may not disclose personal data of Users to third persons without Users’ consent except when the law provides otherwise.
4.3.    Subject to User’s consent, the Operator may engage third parties to process personal data of the User except when the law provides otherwise.
4.4.    The processing of personal data of the User continues until the User’s registration at the Site ends or is terminated.

5.    Personal data protection

5.1.    The Operator shall take sufficient and reasonable measures of legal, organizational and technical nature to protect the personal data of Users from unlawful and/or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution  and other such actions.
5.2.    The Operator will, at its sole discretion, determine what measures must be taken to protect personal data of Users. In particular such measures will include:
5.2.1.    Designating a person responsible for ensuring that personal data are processed properly
5.2.2.    Determining which persons are authorized to process personal data
5.2.3.    Drafting and adopting internal policies regulating the processing of personal data.
5.2.4.    Conducting internal audits to check whether personal data processing practices comply with applicable Russian law, personal data protection requirements and Operator’s policy and regulations relating to protection of personal data.
5.2.5.    Other measures consistent with the requirements Russian law sets with respect to protection of personal data.

6.    User rights

6.1.    Users may receive information relating to processing of their personal data by requesting the Operator in writing. Any such request must be sent to the Operator’s registered address. 
6.2.    Any such request must contain the following:
Full name of the User or User’s representative (in the latter case a notarized copy of a power-of-attorney must be attached)
ID info
User’s Site/Service account information 
Purpose/reason for making the request
User’s/User representative’s signature
6.3.    The operator will send an answer to the address shown in the request within 30 days from the date the Operator received the request.
6.4.    Users may change, update or destroy their personal data any time.
6.5.    Users can destroy their personal data by sending the Operator a request to delete their account from the Site/Service.  Once the account is deleted, Users will not be able to use the Site/Service.

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